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Below is the chart of the combinations one can have when mixing the primary emotions (Anderson, 2017). Once the individuals identify what they’re feeling and why they’re feeling it, counselors can dive into the subconscious and make sense of what is and isn’t working. List of Emotions and Feelings UNEASY ANGRY Notes nervous tense anxious flustered insecure angry cross confused feelings, you can respond by making smart choices as you interact with others throughout the day. Recognizing your feelings and making a conscious decision to react positively to your feelings is the difference between a good day and a bad day. You have the capability to make this the best day of your life. How do you feel today? THE FEELINGS WHEEL The Feeling Wheel Developed by Dr. Gloria Willcox PO Box 48363 St. Petersburg FL 33743 / SOQÈeo APA SLEEPY BORED TIRED CONTENT z OVERWHELMED ANXIOUS EXCITED DARING SENSUOUS u.J m O o z . Title: Microsoft Word - Feelings Wheel Color 050807.doc Author: John email, print, and distribute this e-book to anyone as long as you include its full contents including this title page and all links shown throughout this e-book. E-16 To increase feelings of self-worth and to feel able to accomplish things E-17 To be prepared for possible, fearful situations Download the Emotions Cards PDF here: Feelings and Emotions Matching Cards. The PDF includes 12 emotions cards and a backing sheet to be printed on the back of the cards. Print the cards onto matte photo paper or lightweight cardstock. Re-insert the card sheets into the printer and print the backing paper on to the reverse side of these pages.

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adult or does whatever s/he needs to do to discharge the distress. This enables the child to move on their own feelings and to understand the importance of expressing them is the key to removing the fear, which some people experience in dealing with this area.

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Feelings List. Accepting /. Open. Calm. Centered. Content. Fulfilled. Patient. Peaceful. Present. Relaxed. Serene. Trusting. Aliveness / Joy. Amazed. Awe. Bliss.

A list or chart of emotions, a “If I do get bad feelings, I know they won't last long and I can cope with them.” A popular one for adults, this also has a section just for children. Janine has created digital products that can be downloaded immediately to help support can have the child color them or print them on color. I prefer to use picture-word cards in a pocket chart near my writing center. Emotion Cards: Size 4.5×3. Note: This is a free printable, just click to download. The ability to recognise what you are feeling, to understand your habitual events and to recognise how your emotions affect your behaviour and performance.

This “feelings list” can be printed and used by kids (and adults) to describe their feelings. Use this list of feelings on its own or together with a feelings  20 Nov 2019 This article describes different Mood Charts, Mood Journals & Mood Logs. The Bullet Journal Mood Tracker; The Mood Ring Color Chart (PDF); 6 Other All you have to do is print them and start utilizing the tools. 18 Self-Esteem Worksheets and Activities for Teens and Adults (+PDFs) Download PDF. 7 Apr 2019 In Plutchik's "Wheel of Emotions", there are 8 emotions that serve as the foundation: joy, (PDF); How to Use Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions; 3 Emotion Wheel Worksheets; What is Below is the chart of the combinations one can have when mixing the primary emotions (Anderson, 2017). Download PDF. Pinning down the word that perfectly describes a feeling can be difficult, even for adults. Developing emotional intelligence requires experience and Feelings Inventory. The following are words we use when we want to express a combination of emotional states and physical sensations. This list is neither  Feelings chart are an excellent indicator to help a child identify his feelings. PDF. Size: 3 MB. Download. These feeling chart template are been designed and  A collection of ESL, EFL downloadable, printable worksheets, practice exercises and activities to teach about.

Free downloadable printables related to the body and body parts. Free emotions and facial expressions printables provided in multiple formats. Free downloadable PDF tick charts as an alternative to the use of token board reward charts.

While there are plenty of coloring books lining the shelves of craft stores, sometimes all you need is one simple page. This is why we have collected all of our free adult coloring page PDF downloads on one page. Look out below for a list of stunning adult coloring pages to download. Feelings Flashcards DOWNLOAD Pack 1 . This feeling set comes with basic feelings in boy and girl characters. I have also included blank templates of the boy and girl to create an activity for when the cards are laminated. The flashcards help teach feelings as well as gender and how to use adjectives. Just click on each and every and every book below to check out the printable coloring book PDF.

Over the next year or so, we will be adding more and more free adult coloring books to download, so be sure to pin or bookmark this collection of coloring pages to download. Check back for new downloads every few months or so.